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Your property's land title is a legal document. The mailing address that is on your land title is the address the Town uses to mail out your property tax notice each year. The Town will not change your mailing address until we formally receive a change notification from the Government of Alberta Land Titles Office for security reasons.

If you have changed your mailing address, you have a couple of options:

  1. You can fill out a Change of Address Form to change your mailing address with the Alberta Land Titles Office. Once they have made the change, they will notify the Town and we will update your mailing address. Please note you must put down your legal land description (lot, block and plan) and not your civic address on the form.
  2. You can fill out a ebilling form so that your tax notice is emailed to you each year.

If you do apply to the land title office to have your mailing address changed, in the interim while we wait for the request to be processed, please email the property tax roll number and the new mailing address to the Taxation Clerk so that we can ensure you don't miss the mailout of tax notices.


Assessment & Taxation

In Alberta, the amount of tax a property owner pays is according to the value of the property (your assessment). Properties are assessed as of July 1 of the PREVIOUS YEAR (as per the Municipal Government Act) and reflect the market value of the property at that time.

Every year combined property assessment and tax notices are sent to property owners before the end of May. Taxes are due by the end of the last business day in June each year. The deadline to appeal your property's assessed value is 60 days after the date of mailing of the notices. Please read your combined notice and all inserts carefully to get information on methods of payment, appealing your assessment, and penalty dates.

The Town of Fort Macleod contracts our assessment services to Benchmark Assessment Consultants Inc. For questions on your assessment please contact the Town's assessor, Lance Wehlage, at Benchmark Assessment Consultants Inc. at 403-381-3535 or

Property Assessment Information for the General Public: Follow this link Assessment Information

or review the Town's Assessment Roll for 2023 taxation.

Per the Municipal Government Act, a three-year balanced operating budget and forecast must be prepared for the municipality each year.

Administration begins by developing a draft operating budget from departmental forecasted revenues and expenditures. The new assessment and the prior year's mill rates are used for estimating taxes for the upcoming year. Administration presents this draft budget, and estimated surplus or deficit, to Council for review and discussion, and to adjust the mill rate for residential and non-residential properties to balance the operating budget.

Council reviews the draft budget and ensures it fits within the municipality's strategic plan and is in line with Council's priorities and consideration of the current economic climate. They then adjust the mill rates (up or down) to balance the operational budget.

Once Council has determined the new mill rates, Administration prepares a bylaw which is presented to Council for all three readings prior to property tax bills being sent out. The new operating budget and forecast is approved at the same time as the mill rate bylaw is given third reading.

INTERESTING FACT: You can appeal your assessment but not your taxes. So we encourage all property owners to educate themselves on your appeal rights for your assessment.

2023-2026 Operating Plan

2023 Mill Rate Bylaw

Calculate your property taxes here.


Understanding Your Property's Assessment and Tax Notice

Your tax notice shows how your taxes pay the following:

  • the Town of Fort Macleod for operational needs,
  • the Government of Alberta for their education requisition
  • the Willow Creek Foundation for their seniors housing requisition

So not all the money that comes into the Town of Fort Macleod is ours. We pay requisitions for both education and seniors housing out of your payment.

The money that stays with the Town pays for a wide variety of services including: fire, bylaw, road maintenance, snow removal, recreational amenities and programs, cultural programs, community events, development, economic development, the library, halls and so much more.


Assessment Appeal Process

Prior to filing a written complaint, taxpayers are encouraged to contact Benchmark Assessment Consultants Inc. The assessor can review your assessment with you. If the assessor determines an error has been made, your assessment will be revised. 

If after talking with the assessor, you feel your concerns are not satisfied, you may file a formal complaint with the Assessment Review Board on or before the final date for complaint indicated on your assessment notice. A written complaint explaining why you feel your assessment is incorrect, along with the appropriate filing fee must be submitted to the Town of Fort Macleod. The information required to file a complaint, along with a fee schedule is stated on your assessment notice. Download the Assessment Review Board Complaint Form .

If you are appealing your assessment notice, your taxes must still be paid in full by the due date to avoid incurring penalties.

For more information about your property assessment, contact Lance Wehlage at Benchmark Assessments at 403-381-0535.

Paying Your Taxes

Combined assessment and property tax notices are sent out by the end of May each year. Taxes are due on the last business day of June at 4:30 pm.

Read the back of your notice for all the payment options available to property owners.

If you do not pay your property taxes in full by the deadline, the Town will assess a penalty on your tax account per the Tax Penalty bylaw.

Tax Installment Preauthorized Payment Plan (TIPP)

The Town of Fort Macleod's taxation year runs from January 1 through December 31st with property taxes being due in full on the last business day of June at 4:30 pm.

The Town offers a tax installment program where monthly installments are withdrawn from your bank account and applied toward your tax account so your balance is zero at the end of December.

For the first four (or five months) your payments build up a credit on your tax account. Then the new property taxes are assessed and billed and your tax account will show an amount owing. The Town continues to withdraw monthly payments towards your taxes owing so at the end of December your balance is zero. Then the entire process starts again.

For more information on this program please read the TIPS brochure or contact the Taxation Clerk at the Town Office.

If you are interested in signing up for the TIPP please fill out the application.


For information about the Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program, contact Alberta Supports Contact Centre toll-free at 1-877-644-9992. Information can also be found online at

Tax Calculator


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