Business Licenses

The Town of Fort Macleod requires all resident businesses (located in Fort Macleod), non-resident businesses (coming into Town to do work but located somewhere else), hawkers, peddlers, and vendors to have a current Town of Fort Macleod business license. 

Business licenses run from January 1st to December 31st and are due at the end of January.

All NEW business license applications are reviewed by the Planning & Development Officer prior to being approved and issued.

If you operate a business in Fort Macleod but also do work in the surrounding area, the Regional Business License may be of interest to you. Businesses from outside the Town of Fort Macleod that have a Regional Business License are covered to work in our municipality.

For more information on the Town's Business License Bylaw.

Fill out a business license application and email it to our Utility Clerk for processing.


Animal Licenses

The Town of Fort Macleod requires dog owners to license their animals per the Town’s Dog Control Bylaw. Dog licenses run from January 1 through December 31 each year and currently registered dog owners will receive a reminder in December that new licenses will be available January 1st.

Currently dog licensing costs $20 per year for an altered animal and $40 per year for an unaltered animal.

Please follow this link for more detailed information on our dog control bylaw.

The Town of Fort Macleod does not have a cat control bylaw at this time. If you have concerns about stray or abandoned cats please contact a local animal shelter and discuss their intake capacity. Some local shelters are:




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