Due to the persistent heat and dry conditions, a FIRE BAN is now in effect for the Town of Fort Macleod with respect to all open fires within its municipal boundaries.



Fort Macleod Union Cemetery

The Fort Macleod Union Cemetery is located at 3050 9th Avenue, here you will find maintained plots, a Columbarium, a Scatter Garden, as well as a Memorial Wall. To see a map of the Cemetery please click here

Interment Process 

We understand that the death of a loved one is overwhelming. The Town of Fort Macleod would like to extend help to you during this difficult time.

There are two types of interments in the Fort Macleod Union Cemetery: Casket Burial or Cremains. 

Standard cemetery plots, click here for plot sizes as shown in Schedule "A" of Bylaw 1878, can hold a maximum of one casket plus six cremains. 


The Town of Fort Macleod currently has the following plots available for burials and reservations:

  • Columbarium, located near the front gates the columbarium is an above ground structure containing 48 niches or spaces for the placement of cremations. 
  • Section K, located in the northeast corner of the Cemetery has Cremation plots available. 
  • Section L, located in the northeast corner of the Cemetery has Casket plots available.
  • Our Scattering Garden is located in the southeast corner of the Cemetery and is available for use, no registration is required, however if you would like to have a plaque placed on the memorial wall in the scattering gardens, that can be arranged by calling the Cemetery Clerk at the Town Office, 403-553-4425. 
  • The Veteran's Field of Honor has availability to those who served. 

For more information on available plots please contact the Cemetery Clerk at the Town Office by calling 403-553-4425 or send an email.

Cost for Burials

Please refer to Schedule "B" of Bylaw 1878 for Fees and Charges here


Click here to see Bylaw 1878 - Union Cemetery 

Click here to see the amendment with Bylaw 1942

And click here to see the latest amendment with Bylaw 1957

Monument Information

If you would like to place a monument at the Union Cemetery, please refer to Schedule "C" of Bylaw 1878, and find the Monument Permit here. 


Memorial Bench and Tree Program

The Memorial Bench and Tree Program provides an opportunity for everyone to celebrate a loved one, remember a special event or recognize a person in the community. People are able to purchase a bench or tree, with a personalized plaque that will live on in the Town of Fort Macleod. Click here to see the Memorial Bench and Tree Program Policy.

Please note the cost includes installation and care of the bench, or planting and care of tree. 

Please note the plaques are a 2-inch by 6-inch size, we can inscribe up to three lines and up to 25 characters and spaces per line. 

We will do our best to accommodate placement requests, however they are on a first come first serve basis, the Town will be in contact to finalize locations. 

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