Due to the persistent heat and dry conditions, a FIRE BAN is now in effect for the Town of Fort Macleod with respect to all open fires within its municipal boundaries.

Roads & Snow Removal

Roads & Snow Removal
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Road Maintenance

The Town maintains more than 59 km of roadways (including paved and gravel) and more than 41 km of sidewalks.  To learn more about our maintenance programs, click the tabs below.

The Town maintains its roads and road allowances based on the road classification and traffic volumes. Higher volume roads are maintained with greater frequency than lower volume roads.  Throughout the year, we fill pot holes and perform larger patching.

Annually, we also perform our road resurfacing program which involves removal and replacement of the top lift of asphalt.  Roads included in this program are selected based on the Town's asset management program replacement timelines. 

To find out more information on asphalt maintenance, read our policy here

The Town strives to ensure that all sidewalks are maintained in an effective and efficient manner to prevent or reduce accidents and injuries.  Through our annual maintenance program, we remove and replace any deteriorated sections.  

We determine which sections are to be replaced based on the criteria set out in our asset management program, including level of service and condition ratings. 

To learn more about sidewalk maintenance, read our policy here

The Town maintains its gravel roads based on traffic volumes and condition assessments.  Higher volume roads are maintained with greater frequency than lower volume roads.  We regularly perform grading and gravel replenishment. 

We also provide a dust abatement service for various gravel roads around Town.  

For more information on gravel maintenance, click here

For more information on dust abatement, click here

Driveways and Approaches

If you are looking to either modify your existing driveway or approach, or build an entirely new one, please follow the application process below. Our driveway and approach policy can be viewed here.

Step 1: download the driveway application form here

Step 2: submit your form the our Operations department here.

Step 3: we will review your application and inform you on how to proceed. 

Street Sweeping

Each spring, our crews endeavour to get rid off all sand and gravel material left over through the winter weather.  Roads are swept on a priority basis. 

We will do our best to inform all landowners in advance of street sweeping taking place on their roads. To stay up to date on all our notifications, register for our Voyent Alert system here.

Snow Removal

The Town works hard when the snow falls to keep our roads clear, we have priority routes set as per our Snow Removal and Sanding Policy (OP04).  It is important to note the Town will work to ensure all roads are safe once the priority roads have been cleared. To review the Snow Removal and Sanding Policy, click here.

Snow Removal Priority Routes

  Location of Snow Removal: Type of Snow Removal:
1 Emergency Situations (as designated by the RCMP) Basic 
2 Hospital Route (8th Avenue)  Complete
3 RCMP and Firehall Access Basic 
4 12th Street (Stars Emergency Helicopter Route) and 1st Avenue to Airport Complete 
5 Road sections impassable due to heavy drifts Basic
6 Highway Intersections Basic
7 Schools and Town Office Access Basic
8 Main Street and Post Office Complete
9 Extendicare Facility and Pioneer Lodge Access Basic
10 2nd Avenue Basic
11 3rd Avenue Basic
12 5th Avenue Basic
13 1st Avenue Basic
14 4th Avenue Basic
15 6th Avenue Basic
16 18th Street from 6th Avenue to Highway 3 Basic
17 Call from residents who are stuck or on an impassable road Basic


Sanding - Priority Roads Map

Snow Removal - Priority Roads Map

Roads & Snow Removal

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