Macleod Landing Subdivision Presale

Check out Phase 1 of the new subdivision in our vibrant, growing community. Commercial, Multi-Unit Residential and Residential Lots are available.

Your Municipality

Your Municipality

Our Municipal Government

The municipal government of Fort Macleod is the body of elected officials that makes up the Town Council. Mayor & Council provide leadership and guidance to the administrative staff through the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and then through the Management Team to all municipal staff.

This is where decisions that help shape our community's future are made, and actions are taken to implement these decisions. The elected officials and public servants work hard to provide high-quality service efficiently and responsibly. 

A vibrant and growing community full of opportunity. 

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There is so much to do in Fort Macleod. Discover things like our beautiful historic Main Street, our new off leash dog park, or head across the green bridge for a walk in our Wilderness Park.