Due to the persistent heat and dry conditions, a FIRE BAN is now in effect for the Town of Fort Macleod with respect to all open fires within its municipal boundaries.

Report a Problem

Report a Problem

Welcome to Service Tracker!

Service Tracker is a service request and tracking system.  Its a convenient way for residents to connect with the Town of Fort Macleod.  Use Service Tracker to:

  • Report a problem
  • Request a service
  • Ask for information 

For emergencies please call 911.


Web Self Service

  • Service Tracker provides residents 24/7 access to submit a request.
  • Simply fill out a service request form and submit.  Your service request is directed to the right area, the first time. 
  • More services will continue to be added to Service Tracker. 

Track It - with your ID number

  • Stay up to date on the status of your service request by using the tracking ID number.
  • For all services featured on Service Tracker, you will receive a tracking ID number when you submit a service request online.  You can use this number to check the status of your inquiry or request by calling 403-553-4425.

Enhanced Customer Service

Service Tracker helps the Town:

  • Streamline and avoid duplication in handling requests.
  • Direct requests to the right area.
  • Save time and effort through a single point of entry for requests.
  • Gain efficiencies through the system’s self-service, work assignment and reporting capabilities.
  • Provide visibility on our service commitment and expected completion times.
  • Gather data for better operational planning and resource allocation.
  • Support performance measurement in support of accountability, productivity and efficiency goals

Ultimately, the new system is designed to enhance the experience a resident has when connecting with the Town for service and information.

Try It

Please fill out the form below to submit your service request or inquiry. 

  • Physical address, in this case, refers specifically to the location of the request. If the request location is physically at a municipal address site please submit the address, if not a short description or road name is adequate. The map and location pin will auto adjust to an address if selected from a match that appears in the menu as you type, if not drag the pin as close as you can to the request site.
  • Select a Category type from the drop-down menu that best matches your request. The drop-down list reflects our current list of departments. The Request Type drop-down menu will auto adjust to represent the services that are offered within the selected department. Please select an accurate service from the Request Type menu.
  • If you are unable to find an accurate Category please select Other Services and Other as a Service Type and we will reassign the request internally based on your description.
  • Please provide a detailed description and include as much information as possible to assist staff with your request.   Additional location information is valuable and can be included in the Request Details.

Report a Problem

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