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Macleod Landing: Presale Opening Soon

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The Town of Fort Macleod is excited to announce that our new subdivision, Macleod Landing, is getting close to opening the presale of Commercial, Residential Multi-Unit and Residential lots for phase 1 of the development.

This new subdivision is located on the east side of Fort Macleod, nestled between 27th Street and 8A Avenue. The area will feature a mix of housing types, served by a connective network of parks, trails and open space and complimented by commercial development. Parks, trails, open space and pedestrian accessibility are integral to the enjoyment and quality of life provided in every neighbourhood. The provision of green space and multi‐use dry storm pond area (with recreation potential) offers residents a pedestrian and recreation destination close to where they live. 

The subdivision was named by local resident Mackenzie Hengerer in a contest run in 2022. Macleod Landing was chosen as the top favourite (out of over 30 submissions) by both residents and Town Council.   Mackenzie Hengerer says, "I find we are in an exciting time where people are "landing" new opportunities in our town. Housing, employment, schools, etc." What a fitting name for a new subdivision in our vibrant, growing community full of opportunity. 

The Area Structure Plan was passed (Bylaw 1961) by Mayor and Council on February 13, 2023. To view the Area Structure Plan, visit: BYLAW 1961 2023 MACLEOD LANDING ASP

Macleod Landing is currently undergoing detailed design and subdivision. Once that is completed, lots will be opened for presale. Town administration anticipates the Request for Tender to go out in June of 2023, and project construction to begin before the end of the year. 

For the Town of Fort Macleod's full land sale listing please visit our Land Sales section of the website: Land Sales

Should you have any further inquiries or wish to be added to our email list for notification when the presale opens, please contact the Town of Fort Macleod CAO, Anthony Burdett by emailing or by calling 403-553-4425. 

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