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Join us for a Town Hall & Community Conversation

Hey Fort Macleod! Ready for a little "birds and bees" talk? 

At the Monday, January 22, 2024 Council Meeting, Council was buzzing about the first reading of Animal Control Bylaw No. 1979. With the Land Use Bylaw being amended, the animal units and relating guidelines were being removed and required a bylaw to direct animal control within Town limits.

Exciting news - keeping hens and bees is now part of the discussion! But before we dive into the hive of discussions, we've got a process to follow. 

Council had their first look at this subject and discussion on January 22, 2024, in order for them to start the conversation they open the idea up with a first reading. Nothing is finalized on the Bylaw, right now it is a draft to start the discussion.

A copy of the draft bylaw can be viewed here: DRAFT Bylaw 1979 Animal Control

Following the first reading, a Town Hall will be held on Wednesday March 13, 2024 (before Public Hearing, 2nd and 3rd reading). At the Fort Macleod & District Community Hall, doors open at 6:00 pm for our community conversation, Town Hall Meeting to begin at 7:00 pm. Our main sit-down discussion will center around Bylaw 1979, exploring the potential inclusion of chickens and bees in our town's permitted usage.

It's your chance to chat about the bylaw, especially the ins and outs of keeping hens and bees. 

Explore a range of topics at our informal booths as a part of the "Community Conversation". Topics may include information about the 2024 Municipal By-Election, 150th Anniversary Celebration, Upcoming Projects, Macleod Landing Subdivision, Pathway Master Plan, a Garbage & Recycling Survey, and Pathway Master Plan.

Following the public participation and Public Hearing process, changes can be made to the Bylaw before 2nd or even 3rd reading. 

Note: This bylaw won't replace the Dog Control bylaw; Bylaw 1922 stays solo. 

Your participation and insights are crucial as we shape the future of our town together. Let's make this a chirp-worthy discussion! 

Town Hall & Community Conversation

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

6:00 pm Community Conversation
7:00 pm Town Hall Begins

Fort Macleod & District Community Hall
310 25th Street Fort Macleod, Alberta

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