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FCSS Introduces: Snow Hero Program

FCSS introduces the Fort Macleod snow hero program
FCSS introduces the Fort Macleod snow hero program

Need A Hero. Be A Hero.

This community-based snow-clearing program runs from November 1 to April 30 and is open to anyone in Fort Macleod who needs snow-clearing assistance and has no one in the household able to shovel.

Here's How It Works

Fort Macleod residents needing snow shovelling assistance can contact FCSS for a Snow Hero sign to display on their front yard, indicating they need a helping hand this winter. When it snows, community members are encouraged to look for Snow Hero signs in their neighbourhood and shovel snow for those needing support.

Note: Placement of a Snow Hero sign on your yard is not a guarantee that snow will be removed. This program does not apply to those seeking snow-clearing assistance while on vacation.

Be a Hero!

Our community needs heroes like you! If you notice a Snow Hero sign in your neighbourhood, be a hero and help your neighbour by shovelling their driveway and sidewalk. Heroes can be adults, youth, families, sports teams, church groups, etc. There is no need to sign up. Grab a shovel and help!

For more information on this exciting new program you can give FCSS a call at 403-553-4491.

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