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Voluntary Waiver of Claims Copy

Property Information

For Development Approvals of Discretionary Uses and/or Approvals granting a waiver of development standards.

This “Voluntary Waiver of Claims” allows you to commence your development at your own risk in advance of the date of validity on your Development Permit. The permit’s valid date is the date at which the appeal period for the public has expired.

By agreeing to this “Voluntary Waiver of Claims” you agree that should an appeal be made you will immediately cease the development pending the outcome of the appeal and will waive all claims to compensation from the Town of Fort Macleod for costs associated with the cessation and/or costs resulting from the outcome of the appeal, including the removal of improvements and restoration of disturbances to the land/buildings to their former state.

Agreement to this “Voluntary Waiver of Claims” does not nullify your own right to an appeal. You may appeal any condition of approval on the Development Permit to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board by the date identified on your permit.

Agreement to this “Voluntary Waiver of Claims” and possession of the released Development Permit does not eliminate the need for a Business License, Building Permit or other permits. Do not commence development without first obtaining all the necessary permits.

I have read, understood, and agree to this “Voluntary Waiver of Claims”.

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