Macleod Landing Subdivision

Macleod Landing Subdivision
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Phase 1: Residential Presale Listings

3330017 R TBD TBD YES 0.209



3330016 R TBD TBD YES 0.209



3330015 R TBD TBD YES 0.278



3330014 R TBD TBD YES 0.344



3330013 R TBD TBD YES 0.240



3330012 R TBD TBD YES 0.165




R TBD TBD YES 0.165 $70,000.00 AVAILABLE


R TBD TBD YES 0.165 $72,000.00 AVAILABLE

Updated April 9, 2024 @ 3:54 pm

Phase 1: Commercial Presale Listings

3330001 CG TBD TBD YES 1.12



3330002 CG TBD TBD YES 1.25



3330003 CG TBD TBD YES 1.44



3330004 CG TBD TBD YES 1.33



3330005 CG TBD TBD YES 1.00




Phase 1: Residential Multi-Unit Presale Listings

3330008 R-MU TBD TBD YES 1.05



3330006 R-MU TBD TBD YES 0.721



3330007 R-MU TBD TBD YES 0.717



3330009 R-MU TBD TBD YES 1.639




Get ready for an exclusive opportunity to secure a property in the upcoming Macleod Landing Phase 1, Fort Macleod's newest subdivision. Be among the first to claim your dream property!

PRESALE OPENS: Wednesday, April 3, 2024 at 10:00 am 

Location: In-person at the Town Office in the G.R. Davis Administration Building (410 20th Street Fort Macleod, AB T0L 0Z0).

Presale Package:

Including price list, map, and lot highlights.

Macleod Landing Phase 1 Presale Package

Purchase Process:

Thank you for your interest in Macleod Landing. Due to the high demand for lots, the Town has implemented additional measures to ensure fairness and equity in the sales process.

  • Limit of One Lot per Person (Residential Only): Please note that there is a strict limit of one lot per individual, partnership, corporation, or corporation principal. The individual purchaser or a member of the purchasing entity must be in attendance.
  • Build Requirement: Construction must commence within 12 months and be completed within 24 months of the finalized sale agreement close date.
  • Deposit: A 10% deposit is required to secure a lot purchase and must be paid upon acceptance of the offer by the Town. Only certified cheques and bank drafts will be accepted. 
  • First-Come, First-Served Basis: The sale will operate on a "first come, first served" basis. In the event of concurrent applications for the same lot:
    • Option 1: Interested parties will participate in a closed bid process, with the highest offer securing the lot. The increased deposit amount must be submitted within 2 days of the bid being accepted.
    • Option 2: If consensus is reached to select  Option 2, interested parties' names will be entered into an electronic draw to determine the buyer at the asking price.
  • Subsequent Opportunities: Unsuccessful parties may apply for other available lots, with the same options available in the event of multiple applications.
  • Waitlists: Unsuccessful parties may elect to have their names placed on a waitlist so that if the desired lot becomes available, they will be the next in line for purchase.
  • Determining Timing: Timing of concurrent applications will be determined by the Town staff. All interested parties present at the sale's opening time of 10 am will be considered present simultaneously, as determined by town administration. Interested parties arriving during the administration of Option 1 or 2, but before a final decision is made will not be permitted to have their names included in that lot option.
  • Unanimity for Option 2: For Option 2 to proceed, all interested parties present must unanimously agree. If any party opts for Option 1, that will be the chosen direction.
  • Town's Discretion: Notwithstanding the above delineated purchase process, the Town retains ultimate discretion regarding the entirety of the purchase process including with respect to the administration of land sales, timing, order of sales and service, options 1 and 2, and the successful purchases of the lots listed for sale, and retains an absolute and unfettered right to accept or reject an application for any reason, including the Town and the purchaser’s inability to reach an agreement with respect to a definitive purchase agreement.

Residential Lots - Architectural Controls

We would like to outline the architectural controls for building on the Residential Lots within Macleod Landing to ensure the realization of our community vision, which include but are not limited to:

  1. Minimum Main Floor Square Footage: All homes must have a minimum main floor area of 1,400 square feet.
  2. Attached 2-Car Garage: Each home is required to have an attached two-car garage.
  3. Front Yard Tree: A tree must be planted in the front yard of every property.

Additional specific architectural controls, development requirements, and all other related conditions and requirements shall be determined by the Town and detailed in the definitive purchase agreement and/or other ancillary documents and agreements to be executed by the parties prior to the formal conveyancing of the lot by the Town to the purchaser.

Thank you for your attention to these important details. For any further inquiries or to express interest in the pre-sale, please contact the Town office.

Please note that this information is subject to updates or changes by the Town of Fort Macleod.

The Town of Fort Macleod is thrilled to unveil its latest development, Macleod Landing. As we approach the much-anticipated presale of Commercial, Residential Multi-Unit, and Residential lots for phase 1 on April 3, 2024, we invite you to explore the limitless possibilities that this vibrant community holds.

Prime Location, Diverse Living: Macleod Landing is strategically situated on the east side of Fort Macleod, nestled between 27th Street and 8A Avenue. The heart of the subdivision will showcase a thoughtfully curated mix of housing types, creating a diverse community that caters to various preferences and lifestyles. A multi-use dry storm pond area, brimming with recreational potential, will serve as the heartbeat of the community—a place for residents to connect, play, and unwind in close proximity to their homes.

Named by the Community, Inspired by Opportunity: In 2022, Macleod Landing received its name through a spirited contest run within the community. Chosen as the top favorite among over 30 submissions by both residents and Town Council, the name resonates deeply with local resident and Councilllor Mackenzie Hengerer's vision. According to Councillor Hengerer, "We find ourselves in an exciting time where people are 'landing' new opportunities in our town—be it in housing, employment, schools, and more." Macleod Landing embodies the spirit of a vibrant, growing community brimming with opportunity.

Area Structure Plan Approval: The vision for Macleod Landing has been meticulously planned and endorsed. The Area Structure Plan (Bylaw 1961) received unanimous approval from Mayor and Council on February 13, 2023. To dive into the details of this plan and witness the blueprint for the future of Macleod Landing, visit BYLAW 1961 2023 MACLEOD LANDING ASP.

As we eagerly approach the presale, we invite you to be a part of this exciting journey. Macleod Landing is not just a subdivision; it's a promise of a thriving community, where every landing is a new opportunity, and your future takes flight. Stay tuned for updates, and join us in shaping the future of Fort Macleod.

Welcome to Macleod Landing – Where Your Future Takes Flight!

Macleod Landing Subdivision

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