Residential Parking Permits


The Town of Fort Macleod has installed improved parking signage in the downtown area.  Existing signs were modified, and new signs were installed along Colonel Macleod Blvd (24th Street or Main Street), Haultain (2nd) Avenue, and Archie Maclean (3rd) Avenue.

The Town’s goal with this initiative is to address the issues with the lack of regulatory signage outlining the 2-hour parking restrictions (highlighted in yellow on the map below) which is currently in affect, improper signage orientation, lack of directional signage to alternative parking areas, illegal parking activities on Town property – inclusive of blocking alleys and remining in stalls for too long, and conflicting signage.

Residents in the downtown area will be required to use one of the Town’s Free Public Parking lots (highlighted in blue on the map below) located along westbound Hwy 3 between 2nd and 3rd Ave or the other lot located along eastbound Hwy 3 at 3rd Ave for overnight or long-term parking.

Landowners/tenants can apply to receive up to two (2) free Town issued residential parking permits to in order to facilitate parking in these lots for durations longer than 72 hours (the current max parking time allowed in these lots as per the Town’s Bylaw). For more information, please see page 2 “Frequently Asked Questions”.


Where can downtown area residents park?

Residents who are living in the downtown core area can apply for parking permits to park within the Town free public parking (highlighted in blue) with no time restrictions. Please note: the residential parking permit ONLY allows residents to park long term in the Town free parking lots (highlighted in blue). It does not permit long term parking in the 2-hour parking zones.

How many permits can I get?

Residents of the downtown area are eligible for a maximum of two (2) permits per address.

How much do the permits cost?

Currently, there is no fees for parking permits.

How long are permits valid?

All permits have a two-year cycle, with the expiry date printed on the front of each permit. Upon expiry of your permit, you will be required to reapply.

How do I apply for a permit?

Fill in and complete the application form. You can submit your completed application form and required documentation to the Town of Fort Macleod Administration Office either online through email or in person. Once your application has been approved, the Town of Fort Macleod will contact you to arrange the pickup of your permit.

What documentation is required?

The applicant must provide;

  1. a valid drivers license,
  2. a valid vehicle registration, and
  3. proof of address within the Residential Permitted Zone.

Documentation is required to be submitted with the completed application. The Town of Fort Macleod will accept original, copies, or electronic images of the required documentation.

What happens if I move or change my license plate?

If you move from the area, you must return your permit(s) to the Town of Fort Macleod. If you change license plates, you are required to reapply for a new permit. The existing Permit must be returned before a new permit will be issued.

What happens if my permits are lost, stolen or damaged?

For lost or stolen permits please contact the Town of Fort Macleod for replacement.

Need more information?

If you need more information or have questions regarding permits, please contact the Town of Fort Macleod.
Town of Fort Macleod
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