Strategic and Action Plan

Strategic Plan 2022-2026

A new Strategic Plan for 2022 – 2026 is underway!
Public participation including a survey as well as an open house is scheduled.

Strategic Plan 2018-2022

Executive Summary

The Town of Fort Macleod has undertaken the establishment of a Strategic Plan to guide the development of the town through 2017 and beyond. The 2014 plan replaces the 2002 Town of Fort Macleod Strategic Plan and all other previous versions.

This process was undertaken with the guidance of strategic planning professionals from the Government of Alberta, and involved all of the 2013/17 Town Council, the Town’s CAO, as well as Management Staff, and took place over the course of 2014.

The purpose of this plan is to determine the direction the town would like to take in future growth and development. The plan includes all dimensions of sustainable community growth, covering aspects such as: social, economic, cultural, environmental, and governance.

The plan is meant to help Town Administration to turn the vision of Council into reality. By providing a clear mandate for Town Administration, Council has set the stage for more efficient use of resources and more effective management of the town.

The Strategic Plan is Town Administration’s guiding document and scorecard. It is Town Administration’s job to turn that strategic vision into actionable items by setting realistic goals, timeframes and budgets, taking measureable steps to manage the action plan through the remainder of Council’s four-year term.

The attached action plan explains the initiatives the town is taking and shows the progress on each.


Action Plan

The attached action plan explains the initiatives the town took in 2018 to 2022. The first plan was the original and in 2019 the plan was revised (also attached)  to be more streamlined and more action oriented.


Strategic Plan 2018-2022 148.33 KB 3037 downloads


2018-2022 Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priority 1: Stimulate Business Growth
Strategic Objective: Support and assist in the expansion of existing businesses through improved relationships and communication, and improve investment readiness to attract new businesses.
Strategic Priority 2: Improve Town Appearance
Strategic Objective: To create a unique town that will attract and retain residents, businesses and visitors with a unique and exceptional first impression and maintained appearance.
Strategic Priority 3: Invest in and Maintain Physical Infrastructure
Strategic Objective: To Continuously Upgrade and Maintain Town Infrastructure
Strategic Priority 4: Develop Effective Administration Processes and Communication Channels
Strategic Objective: Improve relationship with staff, residents and business owners by developing effective administration processes, communication channels, and exceptional customer service.
Strategic Priority 5: New Town Facilities
Strategic Objective: New Town Office, and/or Public Works Shop, and/or Multi-Use Facility