Emergency and Protective Services

Emergency Preparedness and Response

Emergency preparedness and response in Canada are shared responsibilities of individuals, corporations and governments, with the division of responsibility established by a wide range of legislation, regulations, bylaws, customs and practices. Provincial governments are responsible for education, health and welfare, civil law, natural resources and local government. The primary responsibility for emergency preparedness and response lies with provincial government.

Each and every Canadian is responsible for his/her own personal emergency preparedness. As a crisis extends beyond individual capabilities, it becomes the responsibility first of municipal government, then provincial, and finally in the most severe cases the federal government. Although no community is equipped to handle all the demands of a catastrophe, municipalities in Alberta are required, under the provincial Disaster Services Act, to appoint a Disaster Services Committee and to establish and maintain a Municipal Disaster Services Agency.

Bylaw 1930 – Emergency Management Bylaw

EMS (Emergency Medical Services)

Call 911

Alberta Health Services (AHS) provides emergency medical services for the Town of Fort Macleod.

Fire Department

Call 911

The Town of Fort Macleod has a volunteer Fire Department of 25 members. The department serves the Town of Fort Macleod and the surrounding area within the M.D. of Willow Creek. The town supplies the emergency services building, two pumper trucks, a tanker and two bush buggies. The M.D. supplies two tanker trucks. The Town and the MD also own a rescue truck and water rescue equipment.  Both communities jointly fund a fast response vehicle and a rescue truck.

The town annually inspects every commercial property for compliance to the Safety Codes Act, Fire Discipline. For inspection services, please call the Town Office.

NOTE: Open burning is regulated within town limits.

See Bylaw 1867 for regulations for open burning and fire pit construction requirements.


2018 8th Avenue
Fort Macleod, Alberta T0L 0Z0

24-hour Complaint Line: 403-553-4406
Administrative Telephone: 403-553-7200
Fax: 403-553-3884

The RCMP enforces all federal and provincial law in the Town of Fort Macleod and area. They also assist with enforcement of local bylaws as required.


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Town of Fort Macleod Protective Services Department

The Town of Fort Macleod Protective Services Department provides a high level of service to the community in their roles for Bylaw compliance; Provincial Statute Enforcement; and Public Safety.  The Peace Officers employed by the department perform active patrols on foot; bike; and vehicle to ensure a high level of visibility within the community.  The Officers are able to enforce all Bylaws passed by Fort Macleod Town Council; as well as selected Provincial Statutes.  The Provincial Statutes which the department has the ability to enforce cover the following:

  • Traffic Safety Act and all Regulations
  • Provincial Offences Procedures act and Regulation
  • Gaming and Liquor Act and Regulation
  • Animal Protection Act
  • Trespass to Premise Act
  • Petty Trespass Act
  • Tobacco and Smoking Reduction Act
  • Environmental Protection Act
  • Municipal Government Act

The Protective Services Department works collaboratively with the Fort Macleod Royal Canadian Mounted Police to ensure the highest level of service delivery to anyone in the Town of Fort Macleod corporate limit.  The Protective Services Department works with community groups; the school division; as well as Municipal and Regional Committees to ensure we are providing meaningful education initiatives and access to resources the community would otherwise not have available.  Our partners with the Southwest Alberta Road Safety Society are a strong example of such resources.

If you have questions or wish to report a Bylaw or Provincial Statute Offence you can do so by contacting the Town of Fort Macleod Administration Office at 403-553-4425.