Understanding Your Taxation Notice & Combined Property Assessment

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 How do I calculate my property taxes?
Assessed value (#6) times the total of all mill (tax) rates (school, municipal and lodge) = property taxes owing EG: 11,540 assessed value times total mill rates of 16.201176 divided by 1000 = $186.96. In the sample minimum tax applies and the amount of municipal taxes is increased to the minimum of $300.00 and this amount is added to the school and lodge taxes calculated.


  1. Payment is due by 4:30 pm on this day (see insert mailed out with tax notices).
  2. Your tax roll number: Use this to pay your taxes online with your bank.
  3. Your street address.
  4. If you pay taxes as part of your mortgage payment, your bank’s name will appear here, and this shows they have received a copy of your tax notice for payment.
  5. Filing deadline for assessment complaints (see #9 below).
  6. Property assessment for the current year. For questions or concerns on the assessed value of your property, contact the Town’s Assessor, Lance Wehlage, AMAA at Benchmark Assessment Consultants Inc. at 403-381-0535.
  7. If there are other owners named on land titles, they will also receive a copy of the taxation notice.
  8. The portion of the bill for education taxes (set by the Province of Alberta and remitted directly to them).
  9. Penalty information.
  10. The portion of the bill for municipal purposes (kept by the Town of Fort Macleod for operating purposes).
  11. The portion of the bill for the lodge requisition (set by the Willow Creek Foundation and remitted directly to them).
  12. Total taxes owing for the current year.
  13. Credits or other charges. Credits are shown in parentheses ( ) and could be prepayments or TIPPS payments made by the property owner. Other charges could be utilities moved to the tax roll due to non-payment or other costs. Contact the Taxation Clerk for details.
  14. Amount owing by the due date.
  15. Amount owing after the first penalty date (includes first penalty).
  16. Amount owing after December 31st (includes all penalties).
  17. Information on the TIPPS monthly payment changes.
  18. Assessment complaint information (see insert mailed out with tax notices).
  19. This area will have a sticker if you are on TIPPS stating “Do not pay this amount, you are on the TIPPs program”.
  20. Please tear off the bottom portion and send it with your payment.
  21. Your mailing address on file with the Town. If your mailing address is incorrect, it has to be changed with Alberta Land Titles Office in order for the Town to change it in our records. Contact the Taxation Clerk at the Town Office to discuss this further.
  22. For customers on TIPPS this area will say “Please do not pay, you are on the TIPPS program”.

Details on payments, appeals etc. were included in the insert that was mailed out as part of the taxation notice. TIPPS is the Town’s preauthorized tax installment payment program.
For any other questions that this information sheet did not address, please call the Taxation Clerk at the Town of Fort Macleod Office.