Community Groups

Fort Macleod is made up of many diverse and vibrant groups.

Fort Macleod’s vibrant Chamber of Commerce has members from all generations working together. Young members are bringing new initiatives and ideas to blend with the experience and wisdom of the older business owners. By working together, with the growth of the town in mind, everyone wins.

Meetings are held the first Thursday of each month and rotate between lunch hours and evening meetings held at 7 pm. Please contact the Chamber for more information on benefits and how to become a member.

You can view our business directory for a complete listing of business.

Our community and resource groups also add a tremendous amount of depth to our community. The pdf listing of those is below.  Should you find any errors, please relay the proper information to Angie O’Connor at or 403-553-4491.

Chamber of Commerce

Phone:  587-220-5335